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At Nostalgiknit, information is received, collected and stored when provided by you, the visitor or costumer. Various software tools are used to measure and collect the ways in which you, the visitor, interacts with the website, i.e. which pages you browse, how much time you spend on site, what search engine you used to locate the website etc. Personal information such as your name, email address, or payment details (including credit card information) are also collected and stored, when for instance you purchase a knitting pattern.

Why information is collected

Nostalgiknit collects (sometimes personal) information to be able to provide the visitors of the site as well as the costumers with continued assistance and technical support, e.g. in relation to a pattern update. Information is also collected for statistical reasons to improve the online services.

How information is handled

Nostalgiknit is hosted through the website operator Wix, who provides Nostalgiknit with the online platform that allows for instance to sell knitting patterns and deliver services to you as a consumer. Your data may be stored through Wix’s databases on secure servers. Payment platforms are handled through Ravelry via PayPal.

How Nostalgiknit may get in touch

When you provide your email address in relation to a pattern purchase, you may later receive email content from Nostalgiknit, e.g. in the case that the pattern has been updated.

How data can be withdrawn

If you no longer want Nostalgiknit to store your data, please send an email to

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