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Privacy Policy

At Nostalgiknit, information is received, gathered and stored when provided by you, the a visitor of the website or costumer. Different software tools are used for measuring and gathering data about how you, the visitor, interacts with the website, i.e. which pages you visit, how much time you spend on site, from which search engine you found the webpage etc.

Personal information, such as your name, e-mail address or payment information (including credit card information), is likewise gathered and stored when for instance you buy a knitting pattern.

Why information is gathered

Nostalgiknit gathers (in some cases personal) information to provide the visitors of the website as well as the paying costumers of digital products from Nostalgiknit continued assistance and technical support, for instance in connection with an update of a knitting pattern. Information is also gathered for statistical reasons to improve the online experience on site and related platforms.

How information is handled

Nostalgiknit is hosted through the website operator Wix, which provides Nostalgiknit with the online platform that for instance makes it possible to sell knitting patterns and provide a service for you as a costumer. Your data can be stored in Wix’s databases on secure servers, for instance when you order a digital product and give up your credit card information and other personal information. All payment procedures are handled through Wix’s platforms, unless products are purchased via the Nostalgiknit Ravelry platform, by which all payment procedures are handled through Ravelry. Orders processed through follow the regulations within the PCI-DSS (the data security standard for the credit card industry) and is handled by PCI (the council of credit card security standards). The PCI-DSS ensures a secure handling of all confidential credit card information processed by Nostalgiknit.

What Nostalgiknit uses your information for

When providing your e-mail address in relation with a purchase of a knitting pattern, you may later receive e-mail content from Nostalgiknit, for instance in the occurrence of pattern updates. Your e-mail address provided in relation with a purchase of digital products on site will not be used for purposes other than relating to the purchased goods, for instance for sending out marketing related e-mails. All confidential payment information is handled securely by PCI, as described above.

How data is retracted

If you no longer wish to have data stored by Nostalgiknit, please send an e-mail to