Strikdesigner Katja Ottosson bag Nostalgiknit


The dedicated knitter, designer, and yarn enthusiast behind Nostalgiknit is Katja Ottosson. Katja has published knitting patterns for over 10 years and loves developing creative and intriguing patterns for everybody to join in. Her style is usually playful and elegant, and always with an added modern twist. Katja has a Master in Journalism, and she is super passionate about writing clear and easy to understand knitting patterns, even for novice knitters.

When not knitting, Katja works as a freelance journalist and web developer, writing profile pieces, historical articles, magazine features, or helping out small business owners curate content for their websites. Or she's taking a long, relaxing walk in the forest that leads up to her garden.

You can follow Katja on Instagram, Facebook, Ravelry, and Pinterest. You can also contact Katja directly, if for instance you have a question about one of her patterns.